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Posts tagged with ‘Artificial Intelligence’

  • Mar272024

    The Deepfake Threat to the 2024 US Presidential Election

    Introduction As the 2024 US election campaign ramps up, artificial intelligence (AI) and deepfakes are already having a corrosive effect…

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  • Mar202024

    ‘It’s Over! White People are Finished’: Accelerationist Memes using Generative AI on 4chan’s ‘/pol‘

    Content Warning: this Insight contains antisemitic, racist and hateful imagery and language. Introduction Contemporary research on the use of the…

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  • Mar182024

    CLASSIFIED 1948/2024: What Israeli AI Implementation Teaches Us About the Warfare of Tomorrow

    Introduction Israel has become one of the most technologically advanced and AI-driven countries in the world almost 76 years after…

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  • Mar082024

    The Role and Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Extremist Fuelled Election Misinformation in Africa

    Background The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has ushered in a new era of technological possibilities, transforming industries and societies…

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  • Feb232024

    Weapons of Mass Hate Dissemination: The Use of Artificial Intelligence by Right-Wing Extremists

    Content Warning: this Insight contains antisemitic, racist, and hateful imagery and language. Introduction On Telegram, there is a right-wing extremist…

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  • Feb192024

    AI Jihad: Deciphering Hamas, Al-Qaeda and Islamic State’s Generative AI Digital Arsenal

    Note: This Insight is a preliminary exploration and forms part of a broader research paper currently in development. The full…

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  • Feb152024

    A Deadly Trifecta: Disinformation Networks, AI Memetic Warfare, and Deepfakes

    Content Warning: The following article includes disturbing and offensive AI-generated images.   Introduction Generative AI technologies are rapidly advancing and transforming…

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  • Feb132024

    Indonesia’s Troubled Democracy: Navigating Disinformation and Extremism During Elections

    Introduction On 14 February, Indonesia will host the world’s largest single-day elections as nearly 205 million voters and 250,000 candidates…

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  • Feb052024

    AI Caliphate: The Creation of Pro-Islamic State Propaganda Using Generative AI 

    Introduction Research continues to study how terrorist organisations exploit, or could potentially exploit, artificial intelligence (AI) for recruitment, propagandising, online…

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  • Jan252024

    Navigating Far-Right Extremism in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

    In today’s digital age, as artificial intelligence (AI) technologies become ever more integral to our everyday lives, understanding the conversations…

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