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Posts tagged with ‘Artificial Intelligence’

  • Aug302023

    For the AI Generation, We Need Education as Much as Regulation

    Introduction In the field of responsible tech, contemporary digital technologies such as large language models (LLMs) are rapidly becoming a…

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  • Aug292023

    ‘Deepfake Doomsday’: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Amplifying Apocalyptic Islamist Propaganda

    Introduction The advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology has introduced a myriad of user-friendly tools and tactics such as…

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  • Aug162023

    Meta Terror?: The Threats and Challenges of the Metaverse 

    Introduction Since their inception, terrorists have used the Internet and social media platforms to spread propaganda, communicate, incite, recruit, train,…

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  • Jun122023

    Does Artificial Intelligence Dream of Antisemitism? 

    Content warning: this Insight contains antisemitic language and imagery Introduction It’s probably been the topic of conversation at a dinner…

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  • Jun072023

    ‘RedPilled AI’: A New Weapon for Online Radicalisation on 4chan

    Introduction Recently, the world of artificial intelligence large language models (LLMs) has witnessed a surge in competition between major tech…

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  • Feb172023

    Weapons of Mass Disruption: Artificial Intelligence and the Production of Extremist Propaganda

    Introduction In late 2022, OpenAI publicly released some of the most sophisticated deep-learning models – DALL-E and Chat GPT. These…

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  • Nov042021

    The Robots Will Not Save Us: The Limits of Machine Learning for Counterterrorism

    At the dawn of the Global War on Terror (GWOT), Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld argued it would trigger a…

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  • Dec312019

    AI for Content Moderation – what can we expect?

    Algorithms will save the Internet. Machine learning or deep learning applications will identify malicious content on Social Media and deal…

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