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GNET Research Digest – September 2020

GNET Research Digest – September 2020
25th September 2020 GNET Team
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Welcome to the September edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

Academic Papers

Amit, Sajid et al. (17 September 2020). “Social Media and Radicalisation of University Students in Bangladesh.” Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism.

Koehler, Daniel (17 September 2020). “Dying for the Cause? The Logic and Function of Ideologically Motivated Suicide, Martyrdom, and Self-Sacrifice Within the Contemporary Extreme Right.” Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression.

Royo-Vela, Marcelo and McBee, Katherine (6 September 2020). “Is IS Online Chatter Just Noise?: An Analysis of the Islamic State Strategic Communications.” International Journal of Strategic Communication.

Giacomello, Giampiero (22 September 2020). “Research Note: More Bucks, Still No Bangs? Why a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cyberterrorism Still Holds True.” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

News Articles

Crawford, Blyth (15 September 2020). “Coronavirus and Conspiracies: How the Far Right is Exploiting the Pandemic.” The Conversation.

Frenkel, Sheera and Hsu, Tiffany (18 September 2020). “Facebook Tried to Limit QAnon. It Failed.” The New York Times.

Miller, Carl (4 September 2020). “Inside the Secret Plan to Reboot ISIS From a Huge Digital Backup.” Wired.

Hatmaker, Taylor (5 September 2020). “Facebook Boots Patriot Prayer, a Far-Right Group with a History of Violence.” Tech Crunch.

Hume, Tim (21 September 2020). “A German Far-Right Group is Trying to Recruit Kids with a Free Video Game.” Wired.

Lomas, Natasha (8 September 2020). “TikTok Joins Europe’s Code on Tackling Hate Speech.” Tech Crunch.

Winder, Davey (6 September 2020). “Meet the New Anonymous- 100 Million BTS ARMY and K-Pop Stans, a Cyber Force to be Reckoned With?” Forbes.

O’Brien, Shane (4 September 2020). “TikTok Teens in Their Thousands Have Begun Glorifying the Provisional IRA.” Irish Central.

Turton, William (11 September 2020). “QAnon Website Shuts Down After N.J. Man Identified as Operator.” Bloomberg.

Lunden, Ingrid (22 September 2020). “TikTok Says it Removed 104M videos in H1 2020, Proposes Harmful Content Coalition With Other Social Apps.” Tech Crunch.

GNET Report

Alrhmoun, Abdullah; Maher, Shiraz; Winter, Charlie (1 September 2020). “Decoding Hate: Using Experimental Text Analysis to Classify Terrorist Content.” 


Taneja, Kabir and Mirchandani, Maya (25 September 2020). “Geographically Contextualising Right-Wing Extremism for Tech Platforms: A Perspective From India.”

Borom, Samaya (24 September 2020). “Increased Visibility of Far-Right Movements in Australia During the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Descamps, Brune (22 September 2020). “Diaries of Female Jihadists Imprisoned in Al-Hol Camp: An Analysis.”

Rowa, Yvonne (21 September 2020). “Part 2: Algorithmic Agency in Online Extremism: The Bigger Picture.”

Wegener, Friederike (18 September 2020). “Striking Similarities Between Islamist Terrorism and Violent Right-Wing Extremism.”

Schlegel, Linda (17 September 2020). “No Child’s Play: The Identitarian Movement’s ‘Patriotic’ Video Game.”

Rowa, Yvonne (15 September 2020). “Part 1: Algorithmic Deconstruction in the Context of Online Extremism.”

Pearson, Elizabeth (14 September 2020). “An Insider Perspective: What the Internet Means to UK Jihadists.”

Peez, Anton (11 September 2020). “Hate Speech in the Context of Mass Atrocity Crimes.”

Loadenthal, Michael (10 September 2020). “Digital Resiliency and OPSEC Strategies Amongst Clandestine Networks.”

Taneja, Kabir (8 September 2020). “Indian States, Deradicalisation and Online Platforms.”

Theodorakis, Katja (7 September 2020). “‘Normal’ Authority?- Who’s Got the Power in a Democratic Information Environment.”

Margolin, Devorah et at. (4 September 2020). “Balancing Online Content Moderation and the Rule of Law.”

Vergani, Matteo (3 September 2020). “Understanding the Full Spectrum of Hate.”

Wicks, Sammie (2 September 2020). “Islamic State’s Use of Gamification and Low-Tech Terror Tactics.”

Henshaw, Alexis (1 September 2020). “Technology and Extremism in the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda.”