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  • Dec212023

    The Vitalisation of Hindu Nationalism in Nepal and Social Media as a Tool of Pro-Hindutva Propaganda Overseas

    Introduction India’s influence on the rise of Hindu nationalism in Nepal has steadily grown under the leadership of Narendra Modi’s…

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  • Nov232023

    Meaningful Transparency for CVE: Process not Policy

    Introduction Work aiming to counter violent extremism (CVE) must be based upon deference to the rule of law, the importance…

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  • Oct252023

    Tracing 400 Years of Mass Media Misogynoir: A History of Weaponisation by White Male Supremacists

    Introduction The subjugation of women to physical harm and socioeconomic oppression is a fundamental component of white supremacy. For centuries,…

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  • Oct162023

    Coordinated Inauthentic Behaviours and Conflict Amplification in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Introduction The eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has long been plagued by conflict, violence, and societal…

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  • Aug182023

    Discrepancies Between Social Media Policy and User Experience: A Preliminary Study of Extremist Content

    Introduction Latest reports have highlighted that as of April 2023, 60% of the world’s population utilises social media for an…

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  • Jul262023

    Fanboys or the Frontline?: How al-Shabaab’s Social Media Influencers are Controlling the Narrative 

    For over a decade, the Somali-based terrorist group al-Shabaab has prioritised media engagement as a critical component of its propaganda…

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  • Jul192023

    The ‘Critical’ and the ‘Sheep’: How Users of Far-Right Pages on Social Media See Themselves and the Mainstream

    This Insight summarises some of the findings presented in the article “Far-right virtual communities: Exploring users and uses of far-right…

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  • Apr212023

    Wilayat Facebook and Instagram: An Exploration of Pro-IS Activities on Mainstream Platforms 

    Introduction Previous research has greatly contributed to establishing and building our understanding of IS spaces on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and…

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  • Apr132023

    Violent Assemblages: Rethinking Screens, Media, and Lone Wolf Terrorism

    Introduction Terrorist acts often confront the public with gruesome images and unthinkable suffering. Understanding the motivations of terrorist attacks is…

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  • Mar202023

    Frank James: The New York Subway Shooter’s Radical Discourse on Social Media

    Introduction  On April 12, 2022, Frank R. James carried out a shooting in the New York City Subway, injuring ten…

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