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  • Aug182023

    Discrepancies Between Social Media Policy and User Experience: A Preliminary Study of Extremist Content

    Introduction Latest reports have highlighted that as of April 2023, 60% of the world’s population utilises social media for an…

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  • Jul262023

    Fanboys or the Frontline?: How al-Shabaab’s Social Media Influencers are Controlling the Narrative 

    For over a decade, the Somali-based terrorist group al-Shabaab has prioritised media engagement as a critical component of its propaganda…

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  • Jul192023

    The ‘Critical’ and the ‘Sheep’: How Users of Far-Right Pages on Social Media See Themselves and the Mainstream

    This Insight summarises some of the findings presented in the article “Far-right virtual communities: Exploring users and uses of far-right…

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  • Apr212023

    Wilayat Facebook and Instagram: An Exploration of Pro-IS Activities on Mainstream Platforms 

    Introduction Previous research has greatly contributed to establishing and building our understanding of IS spaces on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and…

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  • Apr132023

    Violent Assemblages: Rethinking Screens, Media, and Lone Wolf Terrorism

    Introduction Terrorist acts often confront the public with gruesome images and unthinkable suffering. Understanding the motivations of terrorist attacks is…

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  • Mar202023

    Frank James: The New York Subway Shooter’s Radical Discourse on Social Media

    Introduction  On April 12, 2022, Frank R. James carried out a shooting in the New York City Subway, injuring ten…

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  • Feb152023

    The Dangers of Pseudohistorical Conspiracy Theories

    Introduction In November 2022, Netflix released their controversial documentary-style series entitled Ancient Apocalypse. It featured the musings of Graham Hancock,…

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  • Dec202022

    How the Taliban is Building New Grey Areas for Global Tech to Address

    Introduction It has been more than a year since horrifying images of the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan emerged. The…

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  • Dec072022

    Influential Moms: Examining Extremist Influencer Mothers

    This Insight is part of GNET’s Gender and Online Violent Extremism series in partnership with Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre. This series…

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  • Nov162022

    Hitting Rock Bottom: The Radicalising Potential of Celebrity Culture 

    In less than a month, Kanye West went from being one of the world’s most famous musicians and designers to…

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