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Posts tagged with ‘Platform Migration’

  • Jun232023

    Terrorist Platform Migration: The Move to Smaller, Less Regulated Online Spaces

    Introduction and Background The internet provides terrorists and violent extremist organisations (VEOs) with novel and useful means of achieving their…

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  • Feb272023

    Trends in Terrorist Use of the Internet in 2022 

    Terrorists were resilient online in 2022 and have continued to adapt their methods to ensure content remains available, such as…

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  • Jan182022

    Tracing Extremist Platform Migration on the Darkweb: Lessons for Deplatforming

    There is much debate surrounding the efficacy of ‘deplatforming’ extremist communities online, particularly related to whether taking down community spaces…

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  • Nov122021

    Remaining and Expanding or Surviving and Adapting? Extremist Platform Migration and Adaptation Strategies

    Despite the often-decentralised nature of extremists and violent extremists in online spaces, there is clear evidence that they attempt to…

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