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Posts tagged with ‘Nationalism’

  • Oct112023

    The Online Space as a Catalyst for Radicalisation in North Macedonia

    Introduction  This Insight draws on empirical research conducted in two localities in North Macedonia and a discourse analysis of online…

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  • Sep222023

    From British Imperialism to ‘Globohomo’: Analysing the Irish Far-Right’s Engagement with Irish Nationalism on Telegram

    Introduction Ireland has seen limited instances of far-right and xenophobic nationalism, as left-wing political movements predominantly shape the nationalist landscape.…

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  • Sep182023

    Mapping Extremist Discourse Communities on Telegram: The Case of the Russian Imperial Movement

    Introduction Telegram hosts thousands of groups and channels associated with extremism. This Insight contributes to a growing literature applying computational…

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  • Aug142023

    A Move from Nazism to Nationalism: Changes in Far-Right Online Discourse Post-Ukraine Conflict

    Introduction Following the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia, online discourse by far-right groups in Eastern European regions has altered.…

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  • May192023

    Co-opting Cottagecore: Pastoral Aesthetics in Reactionary and Extremist Movements

    A young woman wearing a modest gingham dress sits in an apple orchard reading a book. A woven basket is…

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  • Apr112023

    25 Years After the Good Friday Agreement: Persistent Violence and the Role of Digital Platforms in Northern Ireland Today

    Introduction 10 April marked the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement or Belfast Agreement, the peace deal that brought…

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  • Mar272023

    ‘Tomatoes for Tanks’: Humour and Violence in Post-Brexit Meme Culture

    In 2022, the humanitarian organisation World Vision published a report warning about the spread of anti-refugee messaging, in particular as…

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  • Mar222023

    Granola Nazis: Digital Traditionalism, the Folkish Movement and the Normalisation of the Far-Right

    Introduction Digital traditionalist women carefully cultivate winsome images on Instagram: harvesting fields of beets with the folds of muslin dresses…

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  • Dec052022

    Traversing Online Spaces: The Use of Misogyny and Anti-Muslim Rhetoric in Buddhist Nationalist Extremism in Sri Lanka

    This Insight is part of GNET’s Gender and Online Violent Extremism series in partnership with Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre. This series…

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  • Oct102022

    The Emerging Raw Food Movement and the ‘Great Reset’

    Introduction  Food has become an increasingly visible topic across far-right digital subcultures as well as the broader right-wing online ecosystem.…

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