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  • Sep062023

    Culture, Community and Narratives: Key Elements of Violent Conspiracy Theories 

    Across this GNET Insights miniseries, ISD experts explore the complex intersection of conspiracy theories, violence and extremism. In the third…

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  • Mar162023

    Unpacking the Incelosphere: In-group Categorisation, Incel Purity, and Competition 

    Introduction  In the near-decade since the first publicly recognised act of incel violence in 2014, at the hands of 22-year-old…

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  • Mar132023

    Incel PR: The Rebranding of the Incel Community & the Role of Media and Academia

    Certain usernames and names of forums have been removed to avoid amplifying their voices and platforms.  In August 2021, Jake…

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  • Feb152023

    The Dangers of Pseudohistorical Conspiracy Theories

    Introduction In November 2022, Netflix released their controversial documentary-style series entitled Ancient Apocalypse. It featured the musings of Graham Hancock,…

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  • Feb092022

    Islamic State’s Quest for Legitimacy through Contradictory Messaging

    Leveraging upon cyberspace has been a seemingly effortless and integral part of Islamic State’s (IS) tactics since its inception to…

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  • May122021

    The Out-Group in the In-Group

    Extremists hate people who do not share their group identity. If scholars of terrorism and extremism can agree on little…

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  • Apr092021

    IS Perception of Far-Right and Far-Left Political Movements in the West

    This note depicts core elements of the jihadi thoughts on the political polarisation of western societies and induced opportunities for…

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  • Mar252021

    Hyper-Reality, Identity and Mediatisation – A Sociological Reflection on the Pro-Islamic State Online Community

    During the opening months of 2021 several pro-Islamic State unofficial media outlets have produced and shared a vast amount of…

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  • Jan122021

    Intersection of Social Media, Foreign Policy and Extreme Narratives: An Example from India

    In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world and states struggled to contain the economic fallout of shutting…

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  • Nov182020

    Offline Meets Online: A Fused Messaging Ecosystem in Response to Violent Extremism in Mindanao

    Conflict in Mindanao is rooted in both socioeconomic factors and identity politics. At present, the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim…

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