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Posts tagged with ‘Lone Actor’

  • Feb282024

    POV: Wearable Cameras and the Gamification of Lone-Actor Terrorist Violence

    Introduction In December 2023, a British 22-year-old was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years in prison for planning a…

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  • Jun192023

    Break the Chain: Manifestos, Lone Wolf Terrorism, and the Nashville Shooting

    Introduction In March 2023,  six people were killed in a shooting at a Nashville elementary school. Three of the victims…

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  • Apr132023

    Violent Assemblages: Rethinking Screens, Media, and Lone Wolf Terrorism

    Introduction Terrorist acts often confront the public with gruesome images and unthinkable suffering. Understanding the motivations of terrorist attacks is…

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  • Oct262022

    Ideological Leaderless Resistance in the Digital Age

    “As for my ideology, it’s hard to say” These are the words of a teenage terrorist who killed two in…

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