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Author archive for Jacob Ware

  • Mar272024

    The Deepfake Threat to the 2024 US Presidential Election

    Introduction As the 2024 US election campaign ramps up, artificial intelligence (AI) and deepfakes are already having a corrosive effect…

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  • Oct042023

    The New Online Radicals: The Third Generation of Online Radicalisation

    Introduction When a 13-year-old boy was caught by Estonian police in early 2020 leading a major international terrorist organisation, shockwaves…

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  • Oct262022

    Ideological Leaderless Resistance in the Digital Age

    “As for my ideology, it’s hard to say” These are the words of a teenage terrorist who killed two in…

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  • May062020

    Remembering Toronto: Two Years Later, Incel Terrorism Threat Lingers

    Two years after Alek Minassian’s homicidal vehicular rampage through Toronto, the deadliest incel terrorist attack to date, the violent fringes…

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