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Posts tagged with ‘Israel/Palestine’

  • Dec182023

    Hezbollah’s Online Battleground: Military Media Unit’s Narratives on Telegram 

    Introduction Since 7 October, war has been raging in the Gaza Strip, as Hamas and Israel fight each other in…

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  • Nov172023

    Hindutva Disinformation Machine: How India is Using the Israel-Palestine War to Spur Anti-Muslim Sentiment at Home

    Introduction Amidst the flood of unverified and misleading claims on the Israel-Palestine war, India has emerged as an unlikely leading…

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  • Nov132023

    For the Lulz?: AI-generated Subliminal Hate is a New Challenge in the Fight Against Online Harm

    Content Warning: this Insight contains antisemitic and hateful imagery Many social media networks actively remove harmful content from their platforms.…

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  • Nov102023

    How the Indian Far-Right is Using the Israeli Conflict to Spread Islamophobic Disinformation

    The ongoing hostilities between Israel and Palestine have brought several aspects of the conflict into sharp focus. One critical dimension…

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  • Oct312023

    How al-Shabaab is Using Social Media to Build a Bridge between Gaza and Somalia

    Content warning: This Insight contains graphic imagery of war – some images have been blurred. Introduction While the world’s focus…

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  • Oct302023

    “Let Them Kill Each Other”: The Israel-Palestine War is the Perfect Storm for Canada’s Far-Right

    Introduction Historic tensions in Israel and Palestine have again escalated to horrific violence. Following coordinated attacks by Hamas militants on…

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  • Oct232023

    Emojis of Terror: Telegram’s Role in Perpetuating Extremism in the October 2023 Hamas-Israel War

    Introduction On the morning of 7 October 2023, an unprecedented event unfolded in the Middle East: members of Palestinian armed…

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  • Oct202023

    Technology and its Pivotal Role in Hamas’s Successful Attacks on Israel

    Introduction Technology, we have been told, is fundamental to winning wars. This can be observed throughout history and in current…

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  • Oct192023

    Pro-Islamic State Supporters’ Responses to the Israel-Hamas Conflict

    Following Hamas’s 7 October 2023 terrorist attack, Israel conducted a series of airstrikes in the Gaza Strip and, according to…

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