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Author archive for Dr. Chamila Liyanage

  • Apr142023

    Extremist NFTs: How Does Blockchain Immortalise Extremism?

    Introduction Blockchain allows users to preserve unique art, games, and photographs. One of the famous examples is the art collection…

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  • Jun132022

    The Rise of Narco-Terrorism in the Age of the Internet

    Narco-terrorism is a term that explains drug trafficking cartels/organised crime groups which resort to terrorism to achieve their aims. Narco-terrorism…

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  • Apr122022

    The Taliban’s Trajectory in Securing Geographic, Electronic, and Geopolitical Sanctuaries

    Though long hostile to social media, the Taliban regime readily embraced the haven on the Internet, setting up social media…

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  • Oct122021

    Sociocracy: How Far Would the Survivalist Movements go to Evade the Establishment?

    Anti-vax freedom seekers are vying to establish a safe haven in Mullumbimby in the remote Northern Rivers region in New…

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  • Aug172021

    The Great Subcultural Convergence: How Illiberalism is Whipping Up a Storm

    What are the extremist threats being incubated thanks to the technological advantages of the Internet? We could easily answer this…

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  • Jun142021

    QAnon and the Great Awakening: How the Deep Web Rewrites Ideologies and Beliefs

    Web 2.0 technologies paved the way for the interactive web, opening a virtual topography easily accessible to countless people worldwide.…

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