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Posts tagged with ‘Innovation’

  • Apr102024

    Eyes in the Sky: The Innovation Dilemma of Drone Proliferation among Violent Non-State Actors in the Sahel

    Introduction The Sahel, with its vast geographical expanse and porous borders, has become a hub for violent non-state actors (VNSAs),…

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  • Feb212024

    Tech Triumphs or Terrors: The Implications of Emerging Technologies on Bioterrorism

    Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic served as a stark reminder of the profound impact that biological threats can have on global…

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  • Oct262021

    Thinking About the Crime-Terror Nexus in the COVID-19 era

    Research indicates that the end of the Cold War gave rise to the crime-terror nexus as states ended their support…

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  • Jul082021

    Current and Emerging Threats by Violent Extremists: Results of the Online CENS Expert Survey

    The Centre of Excellence for National Security (CENS) designed an online expert survey, primarily to assess the pandemic’s impact on…

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  • Jul022021

    ‘Hard Platforms’ vs ‘Friendly Platforms’: Understanding Jihadist Activism on the Internet

    Our understanding of how the Internet has fostered terrorist activism is conditioned by an important bias that affects the robustness…

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  • Jun242021

    Terrorism and New Technology

    Terrorism is an indirect strategy from an operational perspective. It is a rational means of action for the weaker party…

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  • Aug212020

    Counterterrorism and Terrorist Innovation

    Historically, counterterrorism has largely been reactive, adopting policies and measures to respond to what violent extremists do. The purpose of…

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  • Jun172020

    Between Creativity, Innovation and Terrorism Studies Part I

    Interest in creativity and innovation stems from a common assumption that these are positive forces, helping to usher in progress,…

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