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Posts tagged with ‘Hindutva’

  • Jan052024

    The Role of Far-Right Media Houses and Organisations in Disseminating Hindu Nationalist ‘Love Jihad’ Narratives on X

    Introduction The fear of ‘love jihad’ has spread among the Hindutva nationalist community in recent years. Love jihad, the accusation…

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  • Jan032024

    Mapping Hindutva Discourse in India: Exploring ‘Love Jihad’ Narratives on X

    Introduction Over the last year, Indian politics has been infested with debates around ‘love jihad’ – the alleged Muslim mission…

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  • Dec212023

    The Vitalisation of Hindu Nationalism in Nepal and Social Media as a Tool of Pro-Hindutva Propaganda Overseas

    Introduction India’s influence on the rise of Hindu nationalism in Nepal has steadily grown under the leadership of Narendra Modi’s…

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  • Aug102022

    Inside Hindutva’s Great Replacement Conspiracy

    The recent killings of African Americans in Buffalo, New York, have once again renewed discussions of the ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy…

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  • Oct222020

    Hindutva Vigilantism: Online Hate, Offline Harms

    India is witnessing a steep rise in ethno-religious majoritarianism, and social media is playing a significant role in empowering Hindu…

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  • Sep252020

    Geographically Contextualising Right-Wing Extremism for Tech Platforms: A Perspective From India

    A rise in right-wing extremism in the United States has forced the FBI to call out a domestic terrorism threat.…

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