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Posts tagged with ‘Hate Speech’

  • Apr062023

    From Blaming China to Attacking Domestic Elites: The Evolution of Hate Speech in a Telegram Channel during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Introduction  Prior research has found that the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a wave of online hate speech against targets such as…

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  • Sep172021

    Reddit’s Hosting Service and the Dangers of Outlinking

    A key element in facilitating radicalisation processes leading to violent extremism, online hate speech has been considered among the most…

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  • Mar182021

    Rhetoric of Hate: A Case Study in Anti-East Asian Bigotry

    On 16 March 2021, a man carried out a series of shootings at three massage parlours in Atlanta, Georgia which…

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  • Sep112020

    Hate Speech in the Context of Mass Atrocity Crimes

    The May 2020 arrest of Félicien Kabuga brought an end to a manhunt spanning 26 years and two continents. Among…

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  • Sep032020

    Understanding the Full Spectrum of Hate

    Extreme violence garners most attention. But the problems start much earlier, both in the real world and online. What is…

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  • Jul292020

    Twitter, Wiley and the Interpretation of Violent Threats

    Throughout the course of Friday 24 July, Richard Cowie – a pioneer of the “grime” genre who is more generally…

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  • Mar242020

    What Makes Far-Right Rhetoric So Dangerous? Narratives of Imperilment as Justification of Violence

    Imagine the following: Person A is constantly trying to convince person B that person C wants to kill him. He…

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