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Posts tagged with ‘Financing’

  • Jan182024

    The Midgård Leak: Exposing The Global Business Of The Far Right 

    Introduction On 4 December 2023, a new website by a group of Stockholm-based antifascist activists went live. Serving the single…

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  • Jul112022

    Terrorist Financing and Technology: Understanding Approaches and Anticipating Risks

    Over the last two decades, there has been considerable focus in the international community on countering the financing of terrorism…

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  • Feb182022

    Crowdfunding and Protest Financing: Emergency Law in Canada

    Since late January 2022, protesters have been occupying the city of Ottawa in an extended demonstration against vaccine mandates. The…

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  • Sep142021

    Far-Right Fundraising on Telegram

    The Australian far-right is using a diverse range of online tools to fundraise and solicit donations. In this ecosystem, the…

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  • Jul192021

    Technology and Terrorist Financing

    Terrorists are increasingly exploiting technology to finance their activities. However, terrorist adoption of technology is an evolution, not a revolution. As the…

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  • Jun112020

    “Help for Sisters”: A Look at Crowdfunding Campaigns with Potential Links to Terrorist and Criminal Networks

    Terrorist and violent extremist groups have long used charitable giving as a means to amass and disguise support for their…

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