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Posts tagged with ‘Deplatforming’

  • Jun162023

    ‘Arktos 2.0’:  Deplatforming and Digital Innovation in Far-Right Publishing 

    Introduction Founded in 2009, Artkos has since emerged as one of the leading English-language publishers of Eurasian, identitarian, and New…

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  • Sep142022

    The Tate Storm: Why Banning Andrew Tate from Social Media Will Not Stop the ‘King of Toxic Masculinity’

    “This War has Just Begun”  In August 2022, UK-based advocacy group Hope Not Hate made waves when they successfully campaigned…

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  • Jun222021

    Extremism Unmasked

    Early analysis in 2020 raised two points, the COVID-19 health restrictions would likely have an impact on offline recruitment from…

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  • Mar112021

    The Ethics of Regulating Extremism Online: Five Elements for Content Moderation Frameworks

    In the wake of the storming of the US capitol on 6 January, we saw unprecedented responses by tech companies…

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  • Jan152021

    Why Deplatforming the Extreme Right is a Lot More Challenging than Deplatforming IS

    In the wake of the mob violence at the US Capitol last week, Amarnath Amarasingam published a 17-part Twitter thread…

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  • Nov092020

    Extremist Experimentation with Text-Based Instant Messaging Applications

    The text-based instant messaging platform Telegram has become a chief coordinating forum for several extremist online milieus over the past…

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  • Jul022020

    Banning Nazis or “Burning Books”? How Big Tech is Responding to Hate Speech, and the Implications

    This week, YouTube took the decision to kick a number of influential far-right accounts off its platform, including those of…

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  • May112020

    Weighing the Value and Risks of Deplatforming

    Last month, the video platform TikTok banned far-right extremists Britain First and Tommy Robinson, the latest action taken by a…

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