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Posts tagged with ‘Chans’

  • Jan182022

    Tracing Extremist Platform Migration on the Darkweb: Lessons for Deplatforming

    There is much debate surrounding the efficacy of ‘deplatforming’ extremist communities online, particularly related to whether taking down community spaces…

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  • Apr012021

    The Role of the Chans in the Far-Right Online Ecosystem

    At 08:28 (NZDT) on 15 March 2019, a post was made to 8chan’s /pol board stating “Well lads, it’s time…

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  • Mar242021

    Two Years On: Understanding the Resonance of the Christchurch Attack on Imageboard Sites

    15 March 2021 marked two years since the Christchurch terrorist attack in New Zealand, where 51 Muslims were killed by…

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  • Oct012020

    Online Subcultures and the Challenges of Moderation

    Introduction To those who grew up on the Internet, chan culture is nothing new – nor is it immediately synonymous…

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