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Posts tagged with ‘Asia’

  • Apr152024

    Unveiling Terrorist Influence: The Case of Pakistan’s 2024 General Elections

    Introduction Elections in fragile democracies are often the targets of terrorist exploitation. Notably, general elections that took place in Pakistan…

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  • Apr082024

    The Creeping Influence of the Extreme Right’s Meme Subculture in Southeast Asia’s TikTok Community

    Introduction In a GNET Insight from November 2023, Jonathan Sarwono identified the presence of an extreme right TikTok community based…

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  • Apr022024

    Virtual Battlegrounds: Understanding the Online Campaign of Baloch Separatist Groups in Pakistan

    Background Heavy breathing fills the audio as the head-mounted camera captures a gun, apparently an M203 Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher, its…

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  • Mar222024

    The COVID-19 Pandemic Exploited by Extremists: A Comparative Analysis of Indonesia and Germany

    Introduction  COVID-19 social restrictions provided fertile ground for extremists around the world. During lockdown, as people spent significantly more time…

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  • Feb132024

    Indonesia’s Troubled Democracy: Navigating Disinformation and Extremism During Elections

    Introduction On 14 February, Indonesia will host the world’s largest single-day elections as nearly 205 million voters and 250,000 candidates…

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  • Feb122024

    Indonesian Terrorists’ Attempts to Interfere with the 2024 Indonesian Election

    Introduction Indonesian terrorist organisations have weakened significantly in the past five years. Due to the mass arrest of terrorist suspects…

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  • Dec042023

    ‘A Noble Muslimah Stays Home’: Piety Construction and Gendered Narratives among Young Indonesian Women on Instagram and TikTok

    Introduction  There are myriad ways in which women engage in extremist ideologies, including Islamist extremism and fundamentalism. Across regions, entrenched…

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  • Dec012023

    How Women-Led CSOs are Leveraging I-KHUB Technology for Gender-Driven Prevention Efforts in Indonesia

    This Insight is part of GNET’s Gender and Online Violent Extremism series in partnership with Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre. This series…

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  • Nov082023

    ‘Yup, Another Far-right Classic’: The Propagation of Far-right Content on TikTok in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines

    Introduction Since its launch in 2017, TikTok’s user base has grown significantly from 347.1 million to 1.7 billion in 2022.…

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  • Mar242023

    Youths Challenging Violent Extremism through Digital Platforms in the Philippines

    Introduction  “They tolerated the ISIS in Marawi. ISIS sympathisers!”  “They deserve it. They were handlers of killers, carnappers, drug lords…

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