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  • Jan292020

    The Yazidi Genocide: We Are Listening

    On 3 August 2014, Islamic State swept across the Sinjar region of Northern Iraq in a bid to expand its…

  • Jan202020


    In recent years there has been a growing concern from people who have identified as ‘incel’ (involuntarily celibate) due to…

  • Jan172020

    Technology and the Swarm: A Dialogic Turn in Online Far-Right Activism

    Earlier this week, the outgoing director general of the UK’s domestic intelligence agency, Sir Andrew Parker, suggested that technology was…

  • Dec312019

    Communication strategy by the Iraq’s religious authorities

    Communication strategy by the Iraq’s religious authorities vis-à-vis countering violent extremism and the treatment of Islamic State combatants and their…

  • Dec312019

    Online extremism: Research trends and gaps in the knowledge

    The Internet has long been inextricably linked with extremism, violent and otherwise. When it was still in its infancy, extremists…

  • Dec312019

    Women of the Islamic State online

    In spring 2014 when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a ‘caliphate’ in Iraq and Syria it instigated the largest mobilization of…

  • Dec312019

    Trading weapons on social media applications

    People in rebel-held northwest Syria have been trading hundreds of weapons in publicly accessible black markets. The advertised weapons include…

  • Dec312019

    From Iron March to Fascist Forge

    How the Global Far-Right Makes Use of Social Networking Founded in 2011 by the Russian nationalist known as Alexander Slavros…

  • Dec312019

    Chan Culture and Violent Extremism

    Past, Present, and Future(?) “Well lads, it’s time to stop shitposting and time to make a real life effort post.”…

  • Dec312019

    AI for Content Moderation – what can we expect?

    Algorithms will save the Internet. Machine learning or deep learning applications will identify malicious content on Social Media and deal…

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