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Author archive for Sammie Wicks

  • Oct042022

    Nihilism and Mass Shooterism: Unclear Categories and Potential Dangers

    In 2022, public mass shootings continue to present a serious societal challenge in the US. This year has already experienced over…

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  • Oct222021

    A Call for Orientation and Cultural Competency in Online Extremist Milieus within Prevention Efforts

    The field of behavioural threat assessment and management (BTAM) has grown significantly in recent years with increasing numbers of law…

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  • Apr152021

    The Conversation between Salafi-Jihadists, the Hirak, and the Algerian State

    The Algerian Hirak movement has persisted since its beginning in February of 2019. Restrictions on large public gatherings associated with…

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  • Sep022020

    Islamic State’s Use of Gamification and Low-Tech Terror Tactics

    Islamic State (IS) and other violent extremist organisations continue to proliferate on online platforms despite efforts from major online platforms…

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