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Author archive for Joshua Skoczylis

  • May032022

    Videogames, Twitter and Far-Right Extremism: An Analysis of Twitter Hashtag Networks

    Many social network theories emphasise the importance of network properties. Strong networks with many interlocking and reinforcing connections are essential…

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  • Feb172022

    Understanding Attitudes to Extremism in Gaming Communities

    In our previous GNET Insight we looked at how quantitative measures can help us understand the prevalence of extreme language…

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  • Jan202022

    Exploring Extreme Language in Gaming Communities

    There is ongoing speculation that extremism might be prevalent in video game communities, or that these communities are especially vulnerable…

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  • Nov162021

    Video Games, Extremism and Terrorism: A Literature Survey

    Video games are extremely popular, with a market worth over $175 billion per year and at least 3 billion players…

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