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GNET Research Digest – November 2021

GNET Research Digest – November 2021
29th November 2021 GNET Team
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Welcome to the November edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

GNET Report

Innes, Martin (8 November 2021). “‘Fogging’ and ‘Flooding’: Countering Extremist Mis/Disinformation After Terror Attacks.”

Academic Papers

McMinimy, Kayla et al. (10 November 2021). “Censoring Extremism: Influence of Online Restriction on Official Media Products of ISIS.” Terrorism and Political Violence.

Ruijgrok, Kris (10 November 2021). “The Authoritarian Practice of Issuing Internet Shutdowns in India: The Bharatiya Janata Party’s Direct and Indirect Responsibility.” Democratization.

DeCook, Julia (3 November 2021). “r/WatchRedditDie and the Politics of Reddit’s Bans and Quarantines.” Internet Histories.

Hunter, Samuel et al. (21 November 2021). “Malevolent Creativity and Malevolent Innovation: A Critical but Tenuous Linkage.” Creativity Research Journal.

Godfrey, Richard (5 November 2021). “The Politics of Consuming War: Video Games, the Military-Entertainment Complex and the Spectacle of Violence.” Journal of Marketing Management.

News Articles

Giannini, Dominic (17 November 2021). “ISIS App Ignored by Governments: Inquiry.” 7News.

McGrath, Sarah (15 November 2021). “Examining the “Wellness”-to-Far-Right-Conspiracy Pipeline.” Brown Political Review.

NL Times (7 November 2021). “Counterterrorism Office Warns Young People are Radicalized for the Far-Right Online.”

Murphy, Neil (16 November 2021). “UK Minister Warns About Lone Attackers Radicalised in Lockdown.” The National.

Kale, Sirin (11 November 2021). “Chakras, Crystals and Conspiracy Theories: How the Wellness Industry Turned its Back on Covid Science.” The Guardian.

Spring, Marianna (15 November 2021). “Covid Denial to Climate Denial: How Conspiracists are Shifting Focus.” BBC.

Blanchfield, Mike (11 November 2021). “Justin Trudeau Calls for Clearing Cyberspace of Hate, Disinformation at Internet Panel.” The National Post.

Badham, Van (13 November 2021). “QAnon: How the Far-Right Cult Took Australians Down a ‘Rabbit Hole’ of Extremism.” The Guardian.

Menon, Shruti and Carmichael, Flora (24 November 2021). “Farm Laws: Sikhs Being Targeted by Fake Social Media Profiles.” BBC.

Adams, Richard and Weale, Sally (19 November 2021). “Extremists Using Online Gaming and Covid Conspiracies to Recruit Youngsters.” The Guardian.


McMinimy, Kayla and Lokmanoglu, Ayse (26 November 2021). “Censoring Extremism: Impact of Takedowns on Islamic State Visuals.”

Gill, Gerard (25 November 2021). “COVID-19 Conspiricism and the Four Ds of Stochastic Terrorism.” 

Kriner, Matthew et al. (18 November 2021). “Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: The Boogaloo.”

Andrews, Sam and Skoczylis, Joshua (16 November 2021). “Video Games, Extremism and Terrorism: A Literature Survey.”

Criezis, Meili (12 November 2021). “Remaining and Expanding or Surviving and Adapting? Extremist Platform Migration and Adaptation Strategies.”

Copland, Simon (10 November 2021). “The Rise of the Far-Right Web.”

Wall, Christopher (4 November 2021). “The Robots Will Not Save Us: The Limits of Machine Learning for Counterterrorism.”

McGuffie, Kris (2 November 2021). “Applying Systematic Content Moderation for Extremist Deterrence.”