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GNET Research Digest – November 2020

GNET Research Digest – November 2020
19th December 2020 GNET Team
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Welcome to the November edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

GNET Report

Clifford, Bennett (9 November 2020). “Migration Moments: Extremist Adoption of Text-Based Instant Messaging Applications.” 

Academic Papers

Khosravinik, Majid and Amer, Mohammedwesam (23 November 2020). “Social Media and Terrorism Discourse: The Islamic State’s (IS) Social Media Discursive Content and Practices.” Critical Discourse Studies.

Bhatt, Chetan (12 November 2020). “Words and Violence: Militant Islamist Attacks on Bloggers in Bangladesh and the UK.” Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Rousis, Gregory et al. (19 November 2020). “The Truth is Out There: The Prevalence of Conspiracy Theory Use by Radical Violent Extremist Organizations.” Terrorism and Political Violence.

Wilson, Chris (2 November 2020). “Nostalgia, Entitlement and Victimhood: The Synergy of White Genocide and Misogyny.” Terrorism and Political Violence.

News Articles

Greenberg, Andy (4 November 2020). “The FBI Says ‘Boogaloo’ Extremists Brought 3D-Printed Machine Gun Parts.” Wired.

Mak, Aaron (11 November 2020). “The Right-Wing App That Rocketed to No.1 After the Election.” Slate.

Vincent, James (13 November 2020). “Facebook is Now Using AI to Sort Content For Quicker Moderation.” The Verge.

BBC (13 November 2020). “New EU Drive to Remove Extremist Web Content.” 

Mak, Aaron (6 November 2020). “This Sure Isn’t the Election QAnon Wanted.” Slate.

Schneider, Ari (3 November 2020). “How Trolls Are Weaponizing “Data Voids” Online.” Slate.

BBC (11 November 2020). “Covid: Lockdown ‘Exploited by Extremists to Recruit’.”

Bekbolotov, Kumar et al. (11 November 2020). “Jihadist Networks Dig in on Social Media Across Central Asia.” Foreign Policy.

Townsend, Mark (22 November 2020). “Facebook Condemned for Hosting Neo-Nazi Network with UK Links.” The Guardian.

Weill, Kelly (13 November 2020). “QAnon’s Home 8kun is Imploding- And Q Has Gone Silent.” The Daily Beast.


Leidig, Eviane (26 November 2020). “Now Streaming: “Love Jihad” on Netflix.”

Gaudette, Tiana et al. (25 November 2020). “Upvoting Extremism: Collective Identity Formation and the Extreme Right on Reddit.”

Jardin, Antoine (23 November 2020). “American Interest in Global Jihad- A Google Trend Analysis.”

Crosset, Valentine (20 November 2020). “Cyberwar on Twitter: Cyber-Vigilantes vs Islamic State.”

Sharief, Exan and Franco, Joseph (18 November 2020). “Offline Meets Online: A Fused Messaging Ecosystem in Response to Violent Extremism in Mindanao.”

Bishop, Patrick and Macdonald, Stuart (16 November 2020). “Online Terrorist Content: Is it Time for an Independent Regulator?”

Criezis, Meili and Lokmanoglu, Ayse (13 November 2020). “Baghdadi Fan Mail.”

Mines, Andrew (11 November 2020). “Preempting the Storm: DOJ Moves to Tackle Terrorist and Criminal Use of Cryptocurrencies with Bolder International Approach.”

Clifford, Bennett (9 November 2020). “Extremist Experimentation with Text-Based Instant Messaging Applications.”

Bindner, Laurence and Gluck, Raphael (6 November 2020). “Social Media and the Murder of Samuel Paty.”

Sharpe, Matthew (5 November 2020). “The Hate Matrix of Online Gaming.”

Winkler, Carol (3 November 2020). “Linear Relationships Between Islamic State’s Extent of Territorial Control and its Visual Messaging Campaign.”

Taneja, Kabir (2 November 2020). “From ShamiWitness to QMap: The Movement of “One” in Online Radicalisation.”