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GNET Research Digest – July 2020

GNET Research Digest – July 2020
31st July 2020 GNET Team
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Welcome to the July edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

Academic Papers

Gaudette, Tiana et al. (16 July 2020). “The Role of the Internet in Facilitating Violent Extremism: Insights from Former Right-Wing Extremists.” Terrorism and Political Violence.

Margolin, Devorah (23 June 2020). “#Hamas: A Thematic Exploration of Hamas’s English-Language Twitter.” Terrorism and Political Violence.

Archambault, Emil and Veilleux-Lepage, Yannick (1 July 2020). “Drone Imagery in Islamic State Propaganda: Flying Like a State.” International Affairs.

Marcks, Holger and Pawelz, Janina (24 July 2020). “From Myths of Victimhood to Fantasies of Violence: How Far-Right Narratives of Imperilment Work.” Terrorism and Political Violence.

Lowe, David (20 July 2020). “Far-Right Extremism: Is it Legitimate Freedom of Expression, Hate Crime, or Terrorism?” Terrorism and Political Violence.

News Articles

Dearden, Lizzie (23 July 2020). “Inside the UK-Based Site That Has Become the Far-Right’s YouTube.” The Independent.

Beran, Dale (4 July 2020). “The Boogaloo Tipping Point.” The Atlantic.

Rawnsley, Adam (7 July 2020). “Right-Wing Media Outlets Duped by a Middle East Propaganda Campaign.” Daily Beast.

Tidy, Joe (7 July 2020). “TikTok Algorithm Promoted Anti-Semitic Death Camp Meme.” BBC.

Cogley, Michael (6 July 2020). “‘Alt-Tech’ Attracts Growing Number of Extremists in Britain.” The Telegraph.

Dearden, Lizzie (26 July 2020). “New Neo-Nazi Terrorist Groups Will Emerge as Government Bans ‘Not Effective’, Experts Warn.” The Independent.

Schecter, Anna (10 July 2020). “Twitter Suspends More Than 50 White Nationalist Accounts.” NBC News.

Corera, Gordon (13 July 2020). “ISIS ‘Still Evading Detection on Facebook’, Report Says.” BBC.

Batya (9 July 2020). “How Did the Casio F91W Become a Terrorist Icon?” Reaper Feed.

Conger, Kate (21 July 2020). “Twitter Takedown Targets QAnon Accounts.” The New York Times.

Weiss, Michael and Ayad, Moustafa (23 July 2020). “ISIS is Setting up Fake Social Justice Accounts on Facebook.” Daily Beast.

Murphy, Katharine (21 July 2020). “Muslim Group Fears Australia is Importing Rightwing Extremist Content via Facebook.” The Guardian.

Dickson, EJ (22 July 2020). “Twitter Just Banned QAnon Accounts. QAnon Supporters Are Thrilled.” Rolling Stone.

Katz, Rita (9 July 2020). “Neo-Nazis Are Running Out of Places to Hide Online.” Wired.


Tallman, Mark (28 July 2020). “Ghost Guns: Hobbyists, Hackers, and the Homemade Weapons Revolution.” Praeger Publishers Inc.


Iyer, Prithvi (31 July 2020). “From Fears to Conviction: Why Internet Shutdowns Don’t Work.”

Criezis, Meili (30 July 2020). “Telegram’s anti-IS Campaign: Effectiveness, Perspectives, and Policy Suggestions.”

Toube, David (29 July 2020). “Twitter, Wiley and the Interpretation of Violent Threats.”

Sold, Manjana and Gaspar, Hande (27 July 2020). “Counter-Narratives – Curse or Blessing?”

Mattheis, Ashley et al. (23 July 2020). “Plug-and-Play Propaganda: Understanding Production Quality in Atomwaffen Division Videos.”

Khalil, Lydia (22 July 2020). “Cross-Promotion.”

Crawford, Blyth (20 July 2020). “From Patriots to Proud Boys: Who Is – and Isn’t – Using Parler.”

Schlegel, Linda (17 July 2020). “The Cultivated Extremist? How the Identitarian Movement Frames its Ideology.”

Scrivens, Ryan (15 July 2020). “Exploring Radical Right-Wing Posting Behaviours Online.”

Whittaker, Joe and Herath, Chamin (13 July 2020). “Understanding the Online and Offline Dynamics of Terrorist Pathways.”

Micheron, Hugo (10 July 2020). “IS “Advisors”: How Online Jihadists Guided European Volunteers to Syria.”

Jayakumar, Shashi (9 July 2020). “Singapore’s Radicalised.”

Weimann, Gabriel and Masri, Natalie (7 July 2020). “Hate on TikTok.”

Margolin, Devorah (6 July 2020). “#Hamas: Using Twitter to Gain Legitimacy or Incite Violence?”

Taneja, Kabir (3 July 2020). “From 4G to Languages: The Developing Online Jihadist Propaganda Network in India.”

Keen, Florence (2 July 2020). “Banning Nazis or “Burning Books”? How Big Tech is Responding to Hate Speech, and the Implications.”

Criezis, Meili (30 June 2020). “Islamic State Telegram Stickers: Purposes, Themes, and Narratives.”

Schlegel, Linda (29 June 2020). “#NiemalsaufKnien: How the Identitarian Movement in Germany Reacted to the Black Lives Matter Protests.”