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  • Apr172023

    Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP): Operating with Impunity Online

    This entry is part of a series of monthly blogs dedicated to TCAP expansion, explaining the reasons for the inclusion…

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  • Dec202022

    How the Taliban is Building New Grey Areas for Global Tech to Address

    Introduction It has been more than a year since horrifying images of the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan emerged. The…

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  • Oct122022

    The Taliban’s Use of Twitter as a Tool to Spread their Voice

    Introduction According to the principle of realism described by Noam Chomsky in his book Propaganda and the Public Mind, those…

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  • Apr122022

    The Taliban’s Trajectory in Securing Geographic, Electronic, and Geopolitical Sanctuaries

    Though long hostile to social media, the Taliban regime readily embraced the haven on the Internet, setting up social media…

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  • Aug162021

    From ‘Night Letters’ to the Internet: Propaganda, the Taliban and the Afghanistan Crisis

    The fast-unfolding crisis in Afghanistan, spearheaded by the Taliban’s territorial juggernaut and the fall of Kabul, also became a significant…

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