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  • Jan262024

    Data Collection in Online Terrorism and Extremism Research: Future Directions

    Introduction The role of the Internet in facilitating violent extremism and terrorism is a primary concern for many researchers, practitioners,…

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  • Dec112023

    Can’t Stand the Heat?: Best Practices and Institutional Responsibilities to Safeguard Extremism Researchers

    Introduction In May 2023, the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) hosted its Third Annual Conference at King’s College…

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  • Dec082022

    Research as Resistance: A Target-Centred Approach to Studying Anti-Queer and Trans Violence

    There is a numbness that comes with studying extremely violent events for over a decade. I am a scholar of…

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  • Nov282022

    Challenging the Gatekeepers: the Experiences of Women of Colour Researchers in the Terrorism Studies Field

    This Insight is part of GNET’s Gender and Online Violent Extremism series in partnership with Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre. This series…

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  • Mar272020

    Vicarious Trauma From Online Extremism Research – A Call to Action

    Academic research into terrorism and online radicalisation has spiked in recent years, arguably caused, in part, by the rise of…

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