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Posts tagged with ‘Propaganda’

  • Jul042024

    The Digital Weaponry of Radicalisation: AI and the Recruitment Nexus

    Introduction  Islamic State (IS) recently released a powerful recruitment message for ‘distracted Muslim youth’ to travel and join IS territories…

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  • Jun272024

    ISKP’s Latest Campaign: Expanded Propaganda and External Operations

    Introduction The Islamic State Khurasan Province’s (ISKP) capabilities and intent to carry out attacks outside of its nucleus in Pakistan…

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  • May222024

    ISKP and Digital Propaganda: An Escalating Anti-India Media Warfare

    Introduction Islamic State in Al-Hind province (ISHP), IS’s branch in India, has been close to operationally dormant since mid-2022, with…

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  • May202024

    Two Paths, Same Destination: Analysing White Nationalist X Accounts Amid the War in Gaza

    Introduction On 7 October 2023, Islamist militant group Hamas launched a terror attack on southern Israel, killing about 1,200 and…

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  • May092024

    AI-Powered Jihadist News Broadcasts: A New Trend In Pro-IS Propaganda Production?

    Introduction  Until now, pro-Islamic State (IS) Artificial Intelligence (AI) propaganda materials were generated and shared online by supporters of the…

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  • Apr152024

    Unveiling Terrorist Influence: The Case of Pakistan’s 2024 General Elections

    Introduction Elections in fragile democracies are often the targets of terrorist exploitation. Notably, general elections that took place in Pakistan…

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  • Apr022024

    Virtual Battlegrounds: Understanding the Online Campaign of Baloch Separatist Groups in Pakistan

    Background Heavy breathing fills the audio as the head-mounted camera captures a gun, apparently an M203 Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher, its…

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  • Feb192024

    AI Jihad: Deciphering Hamas, Al-Qaeda and Islamic State’s Generative AI Digital Arsenal

    Note: This Insight is a preliminary exploration and forms part of a broader research paper currently in development. The full…

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  • Feb052024

    AI Caliphate: The Creation of Pro-Islamic State Propaganda Using Generative AI 

    Introduction Research continues to study how terrorist organisations exploit, or could potentially exploit, artificial intelligence (AI) for recruitment, propagandising, online…

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  • Feb012024

    Pakistan Under Threat: Why ISKP’s Online Campaign Against Pakistan is a Global Concern

    Introduction The Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) has increasingly focused on Pakistan in its online propaganda campaigns in recent months.…

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