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Posts tagged with ‘Neo-Nazi’

  • Sep252023

    ‘A New Image of Terror and Dread’: The Significance Of Dark Foreigner’s Arrest

    Content Warning: this Insight contains images of neo-Nazi propaganda Introduction On 5 July 2023, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)…

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  • Aug232023

    White Jihad: The Jihadification of White Supremacy

    Content Warning: this Insight contains images of neo-Nazi propaganda Introduction In a recent article for Terrorism and Political Violence, ‘White…

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  • Mar222023

    Granola Nazis: Digital Traditionalism, the Folkish Movement and the Normalisation of the Far-Right

    Introduction Digital traditionalist women carefully cultivate winsome images on Instagram: harvesting fields of beets with the folds of muslin dresses…

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  • Nov102022

    ‘All my Heroes are Dead’: The Untimely Demise of The American Futurist – James Mason Partnership

    On 30 October, the prominent accelerationist website The American Futurist announced: “We are cutting ties with James Mason effective immediately.”…

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  • Sep272022

    Resurrecting the Reich: Middle Eastern and North African Digital Nazi Communities 

    In 1926, the first Nazi Party cell was set up in Alexandria, Egypt. It would soon be followed by one…

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  • Sep272021

    Using Text Analysis to Visualise a Neo-Nazi Leadership Change

    By 2019 and 2020, an upsurge of far-right populism that had grown from the earlier Reclaim Australia rallies was seemingly…

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  • Jul232020

    Plug-and-Play Propaganda: Understanding Production Quality in Atomwaffen Division Videos

    After discovering a cache of eighteen Atomwaffen Division (AWD) propaganda videos on last year, our research team – comprised…

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