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Posts tagged with ‘Meme Culture’

  • Mar202024

    ‘It’s Over! White People are Finished’: Accelerationist Memes using Generative AI on 4chan’s ‘/pol‘

    Content Warning: this Insight contains antisemitic, racist and hateful imagery and language. Introduction Contemporary research on the use of the…

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  • Feb152024

    A Deadly Trifecta: Disinformation Networks, AI Memetic Warfare, and Deepfakes

    Content Warning: The following article includes disturbing and offensive AI-generated images.   Introduction Generative AI technologies are rapidly advancing and transforming…

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  • Nov272023

    Men, Masculinities and Memes: The Case of Incels

    This Insight is part of GNET’s Gender and Online Violent Extremism series in partnership with Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre. This series…

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  • Nov132023

    For the Lulz?: AI-generated Subliminal Hate is a New Challenge in the Fight Against Online Harm

    Content Warning: this Insight contains antisemitic and hateful imagery Many social media networks actively remove harmful content from their platforms.…

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  • Sep272023

    Milk Parties and Soyjaks: Understanding The Alt-Right’s Metapolitical Appropriation of Milk

    Introduction  The imagery and symbolism associated with milk – from fertility and motherhood to purity and strength – have long…

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  • Jul282023

    Schrödinger’s Joke: The Weaponisation of Irony and Humour in the Alt-Right 

    Introduction The use of online memes is a cultural stamp of the alt-right community; the packaging of political ideology into…

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  • Jun142023

    Remove Kebab: The Transnational Circulation of Far-Right Memes and The Memory of the Yugoslav Wars

    Introduction The 2019 terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand revealed the importance of the transnational circulation of memes for online…

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  • May182023

    My Wish to be a #Tradwife: An Introduction to #tradwife Memes on Whisper

    Introduction Research into online extremist behaviour is centred around Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, 4chan, Telegram, and Gab. Studies focusing on platforms…

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  • Mar272023

    ‘Tomatoes for Tanks’: Humour and Violence in Post-Brexit Meme Culture

    In 2022, the humanitarian organisation World Vision published a report warning about the spread of anti-refugee messaging, in particular as…

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  • Aug252022

    Humour in Jihadi Rhetoric: A Comparative Analysis of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, TTP, and the Taliban

    Humour in Jihadi magazines plays a significant role in the formation of collective identity and “creates a sense of internal…

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