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  • Mar142023

    Understanding Incels’ Online Behaviour and Perceptions of Hateful Content

    Introduction Recent years have seen an increase in awareness and concern about incels, or involuntarily celibate men, particularly because of…

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  • Jun082022

    ‘Victims of Feminism’: Exploring Networked Misogyny and #MeToo in the Manosphere

    The creation and circulation of online misogynist narratives can have dreadful consequences. For example, in 2014 Elliot Rodger killed six…

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  • Jan312022

    The Manosphere Isn’t Just White: Black Femicide and the Radicalisation of Black Male Youth

    Violence against women is a large public health issue where scholars and community organisers are striving to build support to…

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  • Jan122022

    Incels and Securitisation: Between Fantasy and Reality

    The horrific shooting in Plymouth by Jake Davison in August 2021 has led to an ongoing discussion about incels, what…

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  • Aug092021

    Digital Misogynoir and White Supremacy: What Black Feminist Theory Can Teach Us About Far Right Extremism

    What is Misogynoir? Far-right studies has been historically overrepresented by white scholars and those who don’t acquaint themselves with Black…

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  • Jan222021

    Extremism in the Manosphere During the Presidential Transition

    In recent months, the use of technology and social media to advance conspiracies and far-right ideologies has been the subject…

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  • Apr222020

    The ‘Incel’ Ideology Continues to Build a Strong Following in the Online ‘Manosphere’

    While most of the counterterrorism community has focused on the threat posed by Salafi-jihadists and radical right-wing extremists, the growth…

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