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Posts tagged with ‘Europe’

  • May012024

    Cash for Incitement: The Monetisation of Digital Hate in Germany

    Introduction Right-wing extremist and conspiratorial movements have historically relied on diverse funding sources like large donations, concerts and merchandise sales.…

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  • Mar222024

    The COVID-19 Pandemic Exploited by Extremists: A Comparative Analysis of Indonesia and Germany

    Introduction  COVID-19 social restrictions provided fertile ground for extremists around the world. During lockdown, as people spent significantly more time…

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  • Jan122024

    Channelling Protests: How Anti-Democratic Actors in Germany Mobilise via Telegram

    Introduction March 2020 was a watershed moment for the protest scene in Germany. A dizzying array of actors mobilised in…

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  • Apr112023

    25 Years After the Good Friday Agreement: Persistent Violence and the Role of Digital Platforms in Northern Ireland Today

    Introduction 10 April marked the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement or Belfast Agreement, the peace deal that brought…

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  • Jan272023

    Mainstreaming Far-Right Conspiracies: Éric Zemmour’s Discourse as a Case Study

    Introduction Once relegated to the ‘fringe,’ conspiracies and narratives promulgated by members of the far-right movement have now moved into…

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  • Jan182023

    The Reichsbürger Coup: How the German COVID-19 Denier Scene and Anti-Lockdown Movement Became a Breeding Ground for Terrorism

    Introduction  In the early hours of 7 December 2022, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office in Germany (der Generalbundesanwalt) arrested twenty-four…

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  • Jan252022

    The EU Nuclear Option and the Potential for a Recrudescence of Anti-Nuclear Violence

    The recent publication of the EU Taxonomy on 1 January 2022 envisions substantial investments in nuclear energy to meet the…

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  • Jun292020

    #NiemalsaufKnien: How the Identitarian Movement in Germany Reacted to the Black Lives Matter Protests

    The death of Afro-American George Floyd at the hands of white police officers on 25 May this year has inspired…

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