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Posts tagged with ‘Antisemitism’

  • Apr082024

    The Creeping Influence of the Extreme Right’s Meme Subculture in Southeast Asia’s TikTok Community

    Introduction In a GNET Insight from November 2023, Jonathan Sarwono identified the presence of an extreme right TikTok community based…

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  • Oct302023

    “Let Them Kill Each Other”: The Israel-Palestine War is the Perfect Storm for Canada’s Far-Right

    Introduction Historic tensions in Israel and Palestine have again escalated to horrific violence. Following coordinated attacks by Hamas militants on…

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  • Sep112023

    Why We Should Care about Christian Identity Ideology and its Links to Antisemitic Mobilisation 

    Introduction  In 2022, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported that antisemitic incidents in the United States – including assault, vandalism, and…

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  • Jun122023

    Does Artificial Intelligence Dream of Antisemitism? 

    Content warning: this Insight contains antisemitic language and imagery Introduction It’s probably been the topic of conversation at a dinner…

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  • Jun092023

    How ‘Gnome Hunting’ Became TikTok’s Latest Antisemitic Dog Whistle

    Introduction In April 2023, a concerning trend emerged on TikTok called ‘gnome hunting’. While at face value, the trend depicted…

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  • Feb102023

    Holocaust Memorial Day and the Contemporary Threat of Online Holocaust Denial 

    On 8 February 2023, the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), the Global Network on Extremism and Technology…

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  • Dec062022

    Deconstructing the ‘Jewess’: an Exploration of Gendered Antisemitism

    This Insight is part of GNET’s Gender and Online Violent Extremism series in partnership with Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre. This series…

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  • Oct142022

    The Bratislava Attacks: Insights from the Shooter’s Manifesto

    On Wednesday 12 October 2022, two people were killed by a gunman outside an LGBT+ bar in Bratislava, Slovakia. The…

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  • Apr212022

    The Protocols of Antisemitism: Cross Ideological Fixation on “Jewish Power”

    “They let James Foley die, they let him die and they didn’t release her but guess what? Maybe they’ll have…

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  • Mar142022

    “Victims of the Holocaust”: The ‘Freedom Convoy’ Subreddits as Spaces for Antisemitism and Far-Right Radicalisation

    In its 2021 TE-SAT report, Europol explained that since the beginning of the pandemic “right-wing extremists exploited COVID-19 to support…

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