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Posts tagged with ‘3D-Printed’

  • Feb212024

    Tech Triumphs or Terrors: The Implications of Emerging Technologies on Bioterrorism

    Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic served as a stark reminder of the profound impact that biological threats can have on global…

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  • Oct062023

    3D-Printed Weapons and the Far-Right: The Finnish Accelerationist Cell

    Introduction In July 2023, the Häme Police Department in collaboration with the Finland Central Criminal Police revealed that a four-man…

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  • Feb202023

    Assessing the Impact of 3D-Printed Weapons on the Violent Extremist Milieu

    Introduction  In October 2022, British police raided a suspected gun factory in northwest London, which was found to be producing…

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  • Jun232022

    The Future is Now: The Use of 3D-Printed Guns by Extremists and Terrorists

    Over the past three years, the threat of extremists and terrorists making 3D-printed guns has changed from a hypothetical to…

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  • Aug252021

    The Role of Online Communities in Supporting 3D-Printed Firearms

    On 9 October 2019, Stephen Balliet, a 27-year-old German neo-Nazi, shot to death two people and injured another two near…

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  • Aug022021

    How Will Violent Extremists Use Technology in the Future?

    In thinking through how terrorists and violent extremists will continue to evolve in the future, one of the most pressing…

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  • Jan282021

    3D-Printed Gun Laws: Girding for the Future of Terrorism

    In January 2021, the city-state of Singapore – which takes a firm stance against terrorism –  passed a new law…

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  • Jan072021

    3D-Printed Guns, Untraceable Firearms, and Domestic Violent Extremist Actors

    While uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to fuel a massive increase in domestic gun sales, a supporter of the…

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