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Extremist Responses to Coronavirus


Extremist Responses to Coronavirus

  • Apr212020

    5G and the Far Right: How Extremists Capitalise on Coronavirus Conspiracies

    Not since 9/11 has a global event given so much opportunity to conspiracy theorists as the novel coronavirus pandemic.  The…

  • Apr152020

    “#CoronaJihad”: How the Far-Right in India is Responding to the Pandemic

    A number of far-right extremists have recently taken to social media platforms to spread conspiratorial content about COVID-19. Such conspiracy…

  • Apr152020

    Coronavirus and Official Islamic State Output: An Analysis

    ‘Islamic State is avoiding Europe/telling fighters to avoid Europe’: headlines and stories along these lines circulated in many media outlets…

  • Apr082020

    The Coronavirus as a Means to an End: Extremist Reinterpretations of the Pandemic

    Various aspects of society and everyday life have become affected by the clampdown on the Coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions…

  • Apr082020

    The COVID Conspiracy Files

    The world is now four months into the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant infodemic. Though efforts have been made to…

  • Mar132020

    The Coronavirus and Islamic State Supporters Online

    As the world focuses on the spread and containment of the coronavirus (COVID-19), statements on the virus are also appearing…