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Author archive for Matthew Kriner

  • Apr042024

    Behind the Skull Mask: An Overview of Militant Accelerationism

    Militant accelerationism has recently emerged as one of the dominant terrorist movements in the Western world. Defined as a set…

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  • Sep252023

    ‘A New Image of Terror and Dread’: The Significance Of Dark Foreigner’s Arrest

    Content Warning: this Insight contains images of neo-Nazi propaganda Introduction On 5 July 2023, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)…

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  • Sep122022

    Analysing Terrorgram Publications: A New Digital Zine

    Introduction “For every Accelerationist who contributed to this book, there are 10000 others who will download, read and become further…

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  • May302022

    Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: The Great Replacement Theory

    On 14 May 2022, an 18-year-old white male allegedly perpetrated a carefully planned mass shooting targeting Black Americans. He opened…

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  • Jan032022

    Examining the Denver Shooter’s Ideological Views

    On 27 December 2021, Lyndon McLeod shot and killed five individuals in Denver, Colorado before being shot and killed by…

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  • Nov182021

    Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: The Boogaloo

    “You wanna create f***ing some instability while the Virginia situation is happening, make other things happen. Derail some rail lines…

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  • Sep022021

    Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: ‘There Is No Political Solution’

    On 6 January 2021, thousands of Americans inspired by the months-long online campaign to “Stop the Steal” stormed the US…

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