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Author archive for Lydia Khalil

  • May202021

    Violent Extremism: The Ghost or the Machine?

    The Australian parliament’s Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security is currently holding an inquiry into extremist movements and radicalism in Australia. It…

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  • May052021

    GNET Survey on the Role of Technology in Violent Extremism and the State of Research Community-Tech Industry Engagement

    This report is also available in French, German and Arabic. Please read on for the Introduction. What role does technology,…

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  • Apr232021

    Do Researchers Have an Obligation to Report Dangerous Actors?

    The Lowy Institute recently conducted a survey of the terrorism and extremism research community regarding research on the role of…

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  • Mar302021

    Alternative Platforms and Alternative Recommendation Systems: A Case of the Australian Sovereign Citizen Movement on Telegram

    The sovereign citizen movement is a collection of individuals and groups who reject the legitimacy of the state and hold…

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  • Jul222020


    QAnon conspiracies are a common thread between far-right extremists and online lifestyle and wellness influencers. Shared QAnon memes and hashtags…

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