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Author archive for Dr. Thomas J. Holt

  • Sep082022

    Right-Wing Extremists’ Use of the Internet: Emerging Trends in the Empirical Literature

    Introduction Close attention by journalists and policymakers to the widespread use of the Internet by violent Western (i.e., American, Canadian,…

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  • May232022

    Examining Incel Subculture on Reddit

    The online presence of incels, or involuntary celibates, has been an increasing security concern for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in…

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  • Aug232021

    The Global Jihadist Movement and Cyberterrorism

    The events of 11 September 2001 placed jihadi-inspired extremism at the forefront of counterterrorism policy. Legislation such as the USA…

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  • Dec072020

    Assessing the Impact of U.S. Presidential Election Results on Extreme Right-Wing Mobilisation Online

    Research has overwhelmingly found that central offline events influence online activity and highlight an important interaction between people’s on- and…

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