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GNET Research Digest – October 2022

GNET Research Digest – October 2022
15th November 2022 GNET Team
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Welcome to the October edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

Academic Papers

Lubarda, Balsa & Bernhard Forchtner (26 October 2022). “The Far Right and the Environment: past-present-future”. Populism and Far Right: Trends in Europe.

Zimmerman, Shannon (26 October 2022). “The Ideology of Incels: Misogyny and Victimhood as Justification for Political Violence”. Terrorism and Political Violence.

Simon, Monika et al. (16 October 2022). “Linked in the dark: A network approach to understanding information flows within the Dutch Telegramsphere”. Information, Communication & Society.

Whittaker, Joe (12 October 2022). “The role of financial technologies in US-based ISIS terror plots”. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism.

Argentino, Marc-André, Adnan Raja & Aoife Gallagher (11 October 2022). “She Drops: How QAnon Conspiracy Theories Legitimize Coordinated and Targeted Gender-Based Violence”. Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

Eisenman, David P. et al. (8 October 2022). “Bystander reporting to prevent violent extremism and targeted violence: learning from practitioners”. Behavioural Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression.

Schlegel, Linda & Amarnath Amarasingam (5 October 2022). “Examining the Intersection Between Gaming and Violent Extremism”. UN Counter-Terrorism Centre.

Lippe, Felix, Rebecca Walter & Veronika Hofinger (30 September 2022). “Evaluating an online-game intervention to prevent violent extremism”. Journal For Deradicalization.

Miotto, Nicolo (30 September 2022). “Visual representations of martyrdom: Comparing the symbolism of Jihadi and far-right online martyrologies”. Journal For Deradicalization. 

News Articles

Cousineau, Luc (23 October 2022). “Social media misogyny: The new way Andrew Tate brought us the same old hate”. The Conversation.

Hsu, Tiffany (21 October 2022). “TikTok failed to stop most misleading political ads in a test run by researchers”. The New York Times.

North, Nic (20 October 2022). “Swindon council official exposed as punk-rocker neo-Nazi”. The Jewish Chronicle.

Subramanian, Samanth (10 October 2022). “When the Hindu Right Came for Bollywood”. The New Yorker.

Pandith, Farah & Jacob Ware (9 October 2022). “Women and Children to the Front”. Lawfare.

Bensinger, Ken & Sheera Frenkel (5 October 2022). “After Mar-a-Lago Search, Talk of ‘Civil War’ Is Flaring Online”. The New York Times.

Dearden, Lizzie (3 October 2022). “Insider threat warning as rising number of far-right extremists flagged in Britain’s armed forces”. The Independent.

Yam, Kimmy (3 October 2022). “Right-wing disinformation ramps up on WeChat ahead of midterms, report finds”. NBC News.

Associated Press (28 September 2022). “Self-proclaimed ‘incel’ charged with pepper-spraying women in Southern California hate attacks”. NBC News.

Azar, Taraneh (21 September 2022). “Propaganda of the digital age: How memes are weaponized to spread disinformation”. USA Today.


Ware, Jacob & Cleary Waldo (26 October 2022). “Ideological Leaderless Resistance in the Digital Age”.

Koehler, Daniel, Irina Jugl & Verena Fiebig (24 October 2022). “Extreme Right Radicalisation of Children via Online Gaming Platforms”. 

Schlegel, Linda (19 October 2022). “Playing Against Radicalisation: Why Extremists are Gaming and How P/CVE Can Leverage the Positive Effects of Video Games to Prevent Radicalisation”.

Kupper, Julia (17 October 2022). “The Venomous Rhetorical Web of Far-Right Terrorists”.

Yousafzai, Zafar Iqbal (12 October 2022). “The Taliban’s Use of Twitter as a Tool to Spread their Voice”.

Molloy, Joshua & Eviane Leidig (10 October 2022). “The Emerging Raw Food Movement and the ‘Great Reset'”.

Wicks, Sammie (4th October 2022). “Nihilism and Mass Shooterism: Unclear Categories and Potential Dangers”.

Brace, Lewys & Stephane Baele (3 October 2022). “Extremist Influencers: Hyper- and Super-Posters in Extremist Forums”.