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GNET Research Digest – January 2022

GNET Research Digest – January 2022
17th February 2022 GNET Team
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Welcome to the January edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

GNET Report

Mustafa, Fatima (17 January 2022). “Manipulating Access to Communication Technology: Government Repression or Counterterrorism?”

Academic Papers

Koch, Ariel (12 January 2022). “The ONA Network and the Transnationalization of Neo-Nazi-Satanism.” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

Rasoulikolamaki, Sahar and Kaur, Surinderpal (25 January 2022). “The Representational Strategies of Lionization and Victimization in ISIS’s Online Magazine, Dabiq. Terrorism and Political Violence.

Price, Luke (6 January 2022). “Platform Responsibility for Online Harms: Towards a Duty of Care for Online Hazards.” Journal of Media Law.

Petho-Kiss, Katalin (5 January 2022). “Addressing the Threat of a Bioterrorist Attack by Means of an Unmanned Drone.” Journal of Applied Security Research.

Downing, Joseph et al. (4 January 2022). “Tweeting Terrorism: Vernacular Conceptions of Muslims and Terror in the Wake of the Manchester Bombing on Twitter.” Critical Studies on Terrorism.

News Articles

BBC (24 January 2022). “Online Safety Bill: Harmful and Illegal Content Could Evade New Laws, MPs Warn.”

Dearden, Lizzie (22 January 2022). “Neo-Nazi Terror Cell was ‘Trying to Equip Themselves With the Means for Violent Action’, Court Told.” The Independent.

Gilbert, David (17 January 2022). “The Dallas QAnon Cult Believes JFK was Disguised as Trump at Arizona Rally.” Vice.

Moore, Sam (17 January 2022). “Right Said Fred Statement Says Duo ‘Got it Wrong’ With Neo-Nazi Livestream.” The Independent.

Konnikova, Maria (7 January 2022). “The Next Wave of Extremist Cults Will Make QAnon Look Tame.” Wired.

Bergen, Rachel (3 January 2022). “Winnipeg Professor Developing Tool Kit to Help Teachers Spot Burgeoning Extremism in Students.” CBC.

Quinn, Ben (3 January 2022). “Glorification of Plymouth Shooter by ‘Incels’ Prompts Calls for Action.” The Guardian.

Ayad, Moustafa (2 January 2022). “How Anime Porn Became a Weapon for Rival Terror Groups on Facebook.” Daily Beast.

Hassan, Lila (23 December 2021). “Inside the Right-Wing Movement to Boost Untraceable ‘Ghost Guns’.” Huffington Post.

Ball, Tom (3 January 2022). “Massive Rise in use of Incel Sites That Call for Women to be Raped.” The Times.


Barbarossa, Erica (27 January 2022). “Understanding Accelerationist Narratives: Involuntary Celibacy.”

Lubrano, Mauro (25 January 2022). “The EU Nuclear Option and the Potential for a Recrudescence of Anti-Nuclear Violence.”

Cannon, Maddie (24 January 2022). “Assessing Misogyny as a ‘Gateway Drug’ into Violent Extremism.”

Andrews, Sam and Skoczylis, Joshua (20 January 2022). “Exploring Extreme Language in Gaming Communities.”

Crawford, Blyth (18 January 2022). “Tracing Extremist Platform Migration on the Darkweb: Lessons for Deplatforming.”

Johanssen, Jacob (12 January 2022). “Incels and Securitisation: Between Fantasy and Reality.”

Rose, Hannah and AC (10 January 2022). “Youth-on-Youth Extreme-Right Recruitment on Mainstream Social Media Platforms.”

Argentino, Marc-André and Aniano, Sara (6 January 2022). “QAnon and Beyond: Analysing QAnon Trends a Year After January 6th.”

Kriner, Matthew et al. (3 January 2022). “Examining the Denver Shooter’s Ideological Views.”