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GNET Research Digest – August 2021

GNET Research Digest – August 2021
3rd September 2021 GNET Team
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Welcome to the August edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

Academic Papers

Caiani, Manuela (20 August 2021). “Between Real and Virtual: Strategies of Mobilisation of the Radical Right in Eastern Europe.” East European Politics.

McSwiney, Jordan et al. (4 August 2021). “Sharing the Hate? Memes and Transnationality in the Far Right’s Digital Visual Culture.” Information, Communication & Society.

Ozeren, Suleyman et al. (18 August 2021). “Exposure to Extremist Content and Public Sympathy for ISIS.” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

Speckhard, Anne and Ellenberg, Molly (13 August 2021). “ISIS and the Allure of Traditional Gender Roles.” Women & Criminal Justice.

Bouko, Catherine et al. (16 August 2021). “How Jihadi Salafists Sometimes Breach, But Mostly Circumvent, Facebook’s Community Standards in Crisis, Identity and Solution Frames.” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

News Articles

Hume, Tim et al. (6 August 2021). “How the Far-Right Weaponised Memes.” Vice.

Makuch, Ben (16 August 2021). “The Far-Right is Celebrating the Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan.” Vice.

Stengel, Richard (23 August 2021). “How the Taliban Turned Smartphones into Weapons.” The New York Times.

Grothaus, Michael (17 August 2021). “Taliban-Related Content Banned From Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.” Fast Company.

Mehran, Weeda (24 August 2021). “How Social Media Helped the Tech-Savvy Taliban Retake Afghanistan.” The Guardian.

Klar, Rebecca (23 August 2021). “UN-Backed Tech Group Adds Taliban to List of Terrorist Organizations.” The Hill.

Abbasi, Hyder (31 July 2021). “What’s Behind Far-Right Trend of Using 3D Tech to Make Guns?” Al Jazeera.

Scott, Mark (18 August 2021). “Western Far-Right Groups Claim Taliban Victory as Their Own.” Politico.

Bedingfield, Will (12 August 2021). “How the Far Right Exploded on Steam and Discord.” Wired.

Brennan, David (23 August 2021). “Big Tech’s Extremism Fight Could Kick Hornet’s Nest of the Populist Right.” Newsweek.

Levin, Sam (23 August 2021). “Revealed: How California Police Chased a Nonexistent ‘Antifa Bus’.” The Guardian.

BBC (24 August 2021). “‘Fascist’ Teenager From Essex had 3D-Printed Gun Plan.”


Miotto, Nicolo (25 August 2021). “The Role of Online Communities in Supporting 3D-Printed Firearms.”

Bellaiche, Julien (24 August 2021). “Connecting the Fringes: Neo-Nazi Glorification of Salafi-Jihadi Representations Online.”

Turner, Noah and Holt, Thomas (23 August 2021). “The Global Jihadist Movement and Cyberterrorism.”

McSwiney, Jordan et al. (20 August 2021). “Memes in Far-Right Digital Visual Culture.”

Liyanage, Chamila (17 August 2021). “The Great Subcultural Convergence: How Illiberalism is Whipping Up a Storm.”

Taneja, Kabir (16 August 2021). “From ‘Night Letters’ to the Internet: Propaganda, the Taliban and the Afghanistan Crisis.”

Criezis, Meili and White, Kesa (13 August 2021). “Insurrection Snapshot: Emerging Narrative Themes Following the January 6 Storming of the US Capitol.”

Ramakrishna, Kumar et al. (11 August 2021). “The ‘4M Way’ to Promoting Alternative Narratives to Violent Islamist Extremism in Muslim Mindanao.”

Onuoha, Alexandria (9 August 2021). “Digital Misogynoir and White Supremacy: What Black Feminist Theory Can Teach Us About Far Right Extremism.”

White, Kesa (6 August 2021). “White Nationalists are Driving the CRT Conversation Online.”

Sumpter, Cameron (4 August 2021). “Current Priorities in Counterterrorism and Prevention: Results of the CENS Online Expert Survey.”

Kirschke-Schwartz, Marigny and Clarke, Colin (2 August 2021). “How Will Violent Extremists Use Technology in the Future?”