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GNET Research Digest – March 2020

GNET Research Digest – March 2020
27th March 2020 GNET Team
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Welcome to the March edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

Academic Papers

Crawford, Blyth and Keen, Florence (24 March 2020). “The Hanau Terrorist Attack: How Race Hate and Conspiracy Theories Are Fueling Global Far-Right Violence.” CTC Sentinel.

Winter, Charlie (17 March 2020). “Redefining ‘Propaganda’: The Media Strategy of the Islamic State.” The RUSI Journal.

Krona, Michael (9 March 2020). “Mediating Islamic State| Collaborative Practices and Interconnected Digital Strategies of Islamic State (IS) and Pro-IS Supporter Networks on Telegram.” International Journal of Communication.

Ganesh, Bharath and Bright, Jonathan (16 March 2020). “Countering Extremists on Social Media: Challenges for Strategic Communication and Content Moderation.” Policy & Internet.

Ware, Jacob (17 March 2020). “Testament to Murder: The Violent Far-Right’s Increasing Use of Terrorist Manifestos.” ICCT.

News Articles

Schlegel, Linda (17 March 2020). “Can You Hear Your Call of Duty? The Gamification of Radicalization and Extremist Violence.” European Eye on Radicalization.

Wagner, Kurt (25 March 2020). “Facebook Removes Network of White Supremacist Accounts.” Bloomberg.

Popoviciu, Andrei (16 March 2020). “The Vigilantes Trying to Take Down Islamic State Online.” Middle East Eye.

Woods, Eric (15 March 2020). “Right-Wing Extremists’ New Weapon.” Lawfare.

Green, Jordan (24 February 2020). “Gleeful Neo-Nazis see Echoes of the 1930s as America Plunges into a Coronavirus Crisis.” Raw Story.

Azman, Nur (24 March 2020). “‘Divine Retribution’: The Islamic State’s COVID-19 Propaganda.” The Diplomat.

Sanders IV, Lewis and Allinson, Tom (23 March 2020). “Coronavirus: ‘Islamic State’ Seeks to Profit from Pandemic.” DW.

Makuch, Ben (18 March 2020). “Experts Say Neo-Nazi ‘Accelerationists’ Discuss Taking Advantage of Coronavirus Crisis.” Vice.


Krona, Michael (27 March 2020). “Vicarious Trauma From Online Extremism Research- A Call to Action.”

Marcks, Holger and Pawelz, Janina (14 March 2020). “What Makes Far-Right Rhetoric So Dangerous? Narratives of Imperilment as Justification of Violence.”

Zelin, Aaron (19 March 2020). “How Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia’s Message Framing Primed Its Members To Become Recruits For The Islamic State.”

Wegener, Friederike (16 March 2020). “The Globalisation of Right-Wing Copycat Attacks.”

Daymon, Chelsea (13 March 2020). “The Coronavirus and Islamic State Supporters Online.”

Ayad, Moustafa (9 March 2020). “Pilgrimage to the Platform: The Repeat Audience for ‘Muslim News’.”

van der Vegt, Isabelle (5 March 2020). “The Temporal Evolution of a Far-Right Forum.”

Baaken, Till (2 March 2020). “YouTube’s Role as a Platform for Extremism.”