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Posts tagged with ‘Disinformation’

  • Mar132024

    Combating Online Extremism in the Global South: Lessons from COVID-19 Misinformation Flows

    Introduction Understanding the mechanisms driving the diffusion of problematic information – information that is “inaccurate, misleading, inappropriately attributed, or altogether…

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  • Feb152024

    A Deadly Trifecta: Disinformation Networks, AI Memetic Warfare, and Deepfakes

    Content Warning: The following article includes disturbing and offensive AI-generated images.   Introduction Generative AI technologies are rapidly advancing and transforming…

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  • Nov222023

    The Wagner Group is Entering Its Terrorism Era

    Introduction The private military company (PMC) the Wagner Group has long been the secret weapon of the Kremlin. Despite denying…

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  • Nov172023

    Hindutva Disinformation Machine: How India is Using the Israel-Palestine War to Spur Anti-Muslim Sentiment at Home

    Introduction Amidst the flood of unverified and misleading claims on the Israel-Palestine war, India has emerged as an unlikely leading…

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  • Nov102023

    How the Indian Far-Right is Using the Israeli Conflict to Spread Islamophobic Disinformation

    The ongoing hostilities between Israel and Palestine have brought several aspects of the conflict into sharp focus. One critical dimension…

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  • Sep292023

    Unmasking Islamophobic Disinformation in the Aftermath of Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday Attack 

    Introduction      Disinformation is a soft security notion that leads to hard security threats. It involves deliberately spreading false information with…

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  • Jul172023

    Beyond Fake News: Meta-Ideological Awareness (MIA) as an Antidote to Conspiracy and Radicalisation

    Introduction  Online misinformation and disinformation are widely recognised as detrimental to society, most of all due to their links with…

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  • Jun302023

    How Gen Z is Changing Anti-Abortion Extremism Through ‘Queering’

    I follow lots of feminist pages. I’m in lots of feminist and leftist groups. I’m in different agnostic and atheist…

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  • Nov042022

    Social Media, Conspiracies, and Brazil’s Presidential Transition

    On October 30, 2022, Brazilians voted in a presidential election that was closely watched around the world. For scholars of…

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  • May242022

    Rise of the Newest Alt-Tech Platform: Substack

    In a recent interview with The New York Times, Substack CEO Chris Best described the email newsletter platform as an…

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