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Author archive for Dr. Ryan Scrivens

  • Dec072020

    Assessing the Impact of U.S. Presidential Election Results on Extreme Right-Wing Mobilisation Online

    Research has overwhelmingly found that central offline events influence online activity and highlight an important interaction between people’s on- and…

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  • Nov252020

    Upvoting Extremism: Collective Identity Formation and the Extreme Right on Reddit

    Researchers who have explored right-wing extremists’ use of the Internet have typically focused their attention on dedicated hate sites and…

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  • Oct282020

    Examining the Developmental Pathways of Online Posting Behaviour in Violent Right-Wing Extremist Forums

    Researchers, practitioners, and policymakers have paid close attention to the presence of terrorists and extremists online in recent years, with…

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  • Aug072020

    The Role of the Internet in Facilitating Violent Extremism: Insights from Former Right-Wing Extremists

    In the past five years, it has become increasingly common for practitioners and policymakers in the Western world to draw…

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  • Jul152020

    Exploring Radical Right-Wing Posting Behaviours Online

    It is becoming increasingly difficult, nearly impossible really, to manually search for violent extremists, potentially violent extremists, or even users…

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