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  • Apr172024

    The Radicalisation of Digital Playgrounds: The Need for Multistakeholder Dialogue

    Introduction The potential nexus between gaming and radicalisation into extremism has become a hot topic…

  • Apr152024

    Unveiling Terrorist Influence: The Case of Pakistan’s 2024 General Elections

    Introduction Elections in fragile democracies are often the targets of terrorist exploitation. Notably, general elections…

  • Apr102024

    Eyes in the Sky: The Innovation Dilemma of Drone Proliferation among Violent Non-State Actors in the Sahel

    Introduction The Sahel, with its vast geographical expanse and porous borders, has become a hub…

  • Apr082024

    The Creeping Influence of the Extreme Right’s Meme Subculture in Southeast Asia’s TikTok Community

    Introduction In a GNET Insight from November 2023, Jonathan Sarwono identified the presence of an…

  • Apr032024

    The Moscow Terrorist Attack: Pro-Islamic State Narratives and their Wider Implications 

    Introduction On 22 March 2024, four gunmen entered Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia and…

  • Apr022024

    Virtual Battlegrounds: Understanding the Online Campaign of Baloch Separatist Groups in Pakistan

    Background Heavy breathing fills the audio as the head-mounted camera captures a gun, apparently an…

  • Mar282024

    Preventing Extremist Violence Using Existing Content Moderation Tools

    Kris McGuffie is a member of the Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN). The EGRN…

  • Mar272024

    The Deepfake Threat to the 2024 US Presidential Election

    Introduction As the 2024 US election campaign ramps up, artificial intelligence (AI) and deepfakes are…

  • Mar252024

    Preparing for the Boogaloo: How Far-Right Communities Rallied on Discord for the Unite the Right Rally

    Introduction In August 2017, Charlottesville, Virginia, had its streets swarmed by white nationalists, klansmen and…

  • Mar222024

    The COVID-19 Pandemic Exploited by Extremists: A Comparative Analysis of Indonesia and Germany

    Introduction  COVID-19 social restrictions provided fertile ground for extremists around the world. During lockdown, as…

  • Mar202024

    ‘It’s Over! White People are Finished’: Accelerationist Memes using Generative AI on 4chan’s ‘/pol‘

    Content Warning: this Insight contains antisemitic, racist and hateful imagery and language. Introduction Contemporary research…

  • Mar182024

    CLASSIFIED 1948/2024: What Israeli AI Implementation Teaches Us About the Warfare of Tomorrow

    Introduction Israel has become one of the most technologically advanced and AI-driven countries in the…