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GNET Research Digest – February 2020

GNET Research Digest – February 2020
28th February 2020 GNET Team
In Research Digest

Welcome to the February edition of the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) research digest.

Your digest contains a selection of relevant news, research, academic journal articles, and GNET Insights relating to terrorist use of technology.

Academic Papers

Kleinberg, Bennett et al.(February 2020), “The Temporal Evolution of a Far-Right forum.” Journal of Computational Social Science.

Gabdulhakov, Rashid (February 2020). “(Con)trolling the Web: Social Media User Arrests, State-Supported Vigilantism and Citizen Counter-Forces in Russia.” Global Crime.

News Articles

Basu, Tanya (7 February 2020). “The “Manosphere” is Getting More Toxic as Angry Men Join the Incels.” Technology Review.

Taylor, Josh (15 February 2020). “Whose Job is it to Stop the Livestreaming of Mass Murder?” The Guardian.

Jones, Marc (17 February 2020). “How IS uses hacked accounts to flood Twitter with Propaganda.” Middle East Eye.

Ascott, Tom (19 February 2020). “How Memes are Becoming the New Frontier of Information Warfare.” The Strategist.

Gartenstein-Ross, Daveed et al. (2 February 2020). “Terrorists and Technological Innovation.” Lawfare.

Daalder, Marc (3 February 2020). “Proposals Spark Clash Over Filtering the Internet.” Newsroom.

McIntire, Mike et al. (9 February 2020). “What Happens When QAnon Seeps From the Web to the Offline World.” The New York Times.

Al Jazeera (14 February 2020). “Pakistan Government’s New Social Media Rules Draw Criticism.” 

Patadia, Deepal (12 February 2020). “Reuters Launches Fact-Checking Initiative to Identify Misinformation, in Partnership with Facebook.” Reuters.

Chowdhury, Areeq (12 February 2020). “Why the Tech Giants Can no Longer Regulate Themselves.” New Statesman.


Pantucci, Raffaello (28 February 2020). “Abdullah el Faisal’s Persistent Screed.”

Davis, Jessica (26 February 2020). “How Terrorists Use the Internet for Weapons and Component Procurement.”

Leidig, Eviane (24 February 2020). “Far-Right Terrorism is Global, but Coverage is Not: Hindu Nationalist Violence in India.”

Ayad, Moustafa (20 February 2020). “Hiding in Plain Site: Islamic State’s ‘Muslim News’.”

Schlegel, Linda (17 February 2020). “Points, Rankings & Raiding the Sorcerer’s Dungeon: Top-down and Bottom-up Gamification of Radicalization and Extremist Violence.”

Henshaw, Alexis (13 February 2020). “Online Extremism in Latin America- An Overview.”

von Rosenbach, Alexander (10 February 2020). “Shooting for Impact: Google’s €10 Million Investment in Countering Online Extremism.”

Gluck, Raphael (6 February 2020). “Islamic State Adjusts Strategy to Remain on Telegram.”

Parker, Jade (4 February 2020). “Accelerationism in America: Threat Perceptions.”

Daymon, Chelsea (31 January 2020). “The Ukrainian Conflict: Foreign Volunteers and Online Identity Formation.”