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Terrorist Definitions and Designations Lists

Terrorist Definitions and Designations Lists
7th January 2020 Chris Meserole
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This report is from Phase 1 of GIFCT’s research network initiative. Please note that during this time the network was known as the Global Research Network on Terrorism and Technology (GRNTT) and was delivered by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

Many technology companies refer to third-party terrorist definitions and designation lists when moderating potential terrorist accounts. However, those definitions and lists are often produced for specific legal, political or academic purposes and may not be suitable for general use. For the vast majority of technology companies, developing an in-house competence in counterterrorism is thus not a viable strategy for moderating potential terrorist accounts. Instead, most companies must choose between one of two imperfect strategies. The first is to adjudicate possible terrorist accounts on an ad hoc basis. The second is to rely on third-party terrorist definitions and designation lists. Although this approach offers a more principled means of account moderation, it is not without its own drawbacks. Therefore, companies that adjudicate terrorist accounts based on such lists should understand how to evaluate them. The aim of this policy paper is to provide such an understanding.


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