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GNET Consultant Fellowship Application

Fellowship Purpose 

The GNET Consultant Fellowship is a year-long fellowship for scholars and academic researchers, including new voices, from across the world, especially those from underrepresented regions. The fellowship aims to foster inclusivity in GNET’s research efforts to improve understanding on the extremism and technology nexus. During the duration of the fellowship, consulting fellows will have the opportunity to carry out research that benefits tech companies while having the advantage of expanding their professional network.

Main activities and responsibilities 

During the duration of their fellowship, GNET Consulting Fellows shall:

  1. Submit a minimum of 4 Insights (i.e. 1 per quarter);
  2. Be expected to fully participate in all GNET events including e-workshops, webinars, and conferences hosted by GNET and its partner organisations upon invitation;
  3. Contribute to new and existing projects as assigned with GNET’s partner organisations;
  4. Contribute to GNET’s expansion strategy by identifying at least one new partnership and facilitate collaboration with an organisation within their local regions; and
  5. Develop and deliver actionable policy briefs for the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) member companies on a needs basis.

Expected Qualifications

  1. Candidates should have a minimum of a masters degree qualification, but preferably a PhD in any of the Social Sciences, and/or Computer Science/Information Technology.
  2. Candidates should be from Africa, Asia and/or Latin America and/or have specialised knowledge or previous research focus on extremism and technology nexus in Africa, Asia and/or Latin America.


As part of the benefits of the fellowship, Consulting Fellows will receive the following:

  1. A total sum of ten thousand US dollars ($10,000). $5,000 upon start and $5,000 upon delivery of all expectations;
  2. Invitation to attend all GNET e-workshops, webinars, and annual conference.
  3. Publication of  a total of four Insights on GNET platforms yearly subject to editorial approval;
  4. Active engagement in high-level GNET research projects on the extremism and technology nexus;
  5. Networking opportunities with tech companies, academia, nonprofits, and government entities;
  6. Practical experience in contributing to the development of research and to informing policy on addressing the use of the internet and technology for terrorism and violent extremism.


All applications should be directed to the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) via email to [email protected].

Please include ‘GNET New Voices Consulting Fellowship Application’ in the subject line, an updated CV, a 1500 – 3000 word writing sample related to terrorism and technology, and a brief outline of your work plan in accordance with the main responsibilities and activities listed above.

Deadline Extension: June 10, 2024 at 23:59 BST

Other Enquiries  

Please email all other enquiries to [email protected].