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Posts tagged with ‘Humour’

  • Jul282023

    Schrödinger’s Joke: The Weaponisation of Irony and Humour in the Alt-Right 

    Introduction The use of online memes is a cultural stamp of the alt-right community; the packaging of political ideology into…

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  • Aug252022

    Humour in Jihadi Rhetoric: A Comparative Analysis of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, TTP, and the Taliban

    Humour in Jihadi magazines plays a significant role in the formation of collective identity and “creates a sense of internal…

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  • Sep302021

    “He Looks Like a Clown”: Why is the Far-Right Mocking Fascists on Reddit?

    For years now, researchers of the far-right have been pointing at the online use of satire, irony, and humour by…

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  • Nov052020

    The Hate Matrix of Online Gaming

    The word that the extreme right use to describe the political radicalisation of newcomers to their worldview is “red pilling”.…

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  • Oct262020

    LOL Extremism: Humour in Online Extremist Content

    Humour is a staple of life found in in-person interactions and in virtual environments. Many of us have viewed, shared,…

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